Monday, March 4, 2013


At ECCC my new Image series with Skybound "GHOSTED" was finally announced.
Insanely twisted Interiors by Goran Sudzuka with awesome covers by Sean Philips.

It's Ocean's 11 in a Haunted House instead of a Casino! 

Even though we are currently working on issue five, I can't show off to much art work yet.

BUT, I can leave you with an awesome two page spread and a link to an article with USA TODAY where I talk about it.

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Unknown said...

Hi Joshua. My name is Steven Bello and I am a Creative Executive at McG's Wonderland Sound and Vision. I had some trouble finding contact information for you so I'm commenting you instead. Could you email me at my work email and we can connect from there? GHOSTED sounds really cool and I had some questions about it for whenever you had a minute. If you have representation that you would rather me reach out to could you please point me in that direction?

Also, would you mind deleting this comment so my email isn't posted?