Friday, October 25, 2013

THE HUNTERS and Mirror, Mirror...

Tonight. November 25th. On the Hallmark Channel.

Once Upon a Time I wrote a comic book called "Mirror, Mirror" for Kickstart. It had amazing art by one of my favorite artists, Lee Moder. It was about a group of adventures trying to stop an evil force from collecting all the broken pieces of the lost magic mirror from Snow White. Fantasy, fun and action.

Well now it is a TV movie on the Hallmark channel. For legal reasons they had to change the title to "The Hunters." Here is more info:

Here is the poster for the movie:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Tumblr

Over the last year or so I've posted on my blog less and less. One of the main reasons for this is because of Tumblr. Personally I love it. Mostly its quick images and funny things I like. Not as much hardcore info. So if you want a more up to date blog to follow that's where you should head.

I recommend you get your own tumblr and follow along. It's like twitter for pictures and gifs. 

Lately I've actually been debating killing this blog in place of an actual tumblr based website. It's more than likely going to happen. Just a matter of finding the time to do it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Another San Diego Comic-Con has passed. I'm exhausted, but super glad I went and meet a ton of amazing people who love comics. And it was great meeting new GHOSTED fans who loved the book.
This year there was a private Walking Dead party and Weezer played. It was insane.
I've learned that in my new life I really have nothing to complain about anymore.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SAN DIEGO 2013 schedule


Don't forget that the GHOSTED #1 SDCC exclusive cover will be available at the Skybound booth all day every day... as along as supplies last.

My lovely SDCC 2013 schedule:


DARK HORSE (Super) powered by creators!
The latter half of 2012 saw the return of two of Dark Horse's classic characters, Ghost and X, the appearance of new faces like MichThe Victories and Francesco Francavilla's The Black Beetle, and the reimagination a hero from yesteryear, Captain Midnight! Join Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson, PR director Jeremy Atkins, and a cast of the industry's top talent, including Joe Casey (Catalyst, Sex), Francesco Francavilla (The Black Beetle), Duane Swierczynski (X, Two Past Midnight), Joshua Williamson (Captain Midnight, Masks and Mobsters), Tim Seeley and Mike Norton (Revival, The Occultist), along with comics newcomer Donny Cates (Buzzkill), for a look at an exciting new cast of characters!

ael Avon Oeming's
Thursday July 18, 2013 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Room 23ABC

Signing at the Skybound/Image Comics Booth!
BOOTH #2729

Charity for a hero
Bay front Hilton.
The Hero Initiative partners w/ comiXology and Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner to host a fully catered 2-hour charity event where fans can watch creators fill “The Blank Page” – a 12 ft by 8 ft gigantic comic page that will auctioned off at a later date w/ proceeds going to The Hero Initiative – a charity that helps creators in need.


Signing at the Skybound/Image Comics Booth!
BOOTH #2729


You've Broken into Comics, Now What? How to Be a Pro.
You've found your collaborators, you've worked hard and gotten some comics made. Oh God, now what? Co-moderators writer Christopher Sebela (High Crimes) and Oni Press editor Charlie Chu (The Sixth Gun) address having a career in comics, behaving like a professional, and managing expectations once you are a working creator. Panelists include writer Joshua Williamson (Captain Midnight), writer/artist Natalie Nourigat (It Girl and the Atomics), and cartoonist Sloane Leong (The Softest ShadowLabyrinth’s Lament).
Room 28DE

Signing at the Dark Horse booth
BOOTH #2615

Join Robert Kirkman as well as Skybound writers and artists including Joshua Williamson, Matteo Scalera and Justin Jordan as they announce new Skybound titles and discuss what's coming up in The Walking Dead, Invincible, Thief of Thieves, Ghosted, and more.
Room 7AB

Signing at the Skybound/Image Comics Booth!
BOOTH #2729

Sketch Monsters!
Signing at the ONI Press booth.
BOOTH #1833


Sketch Monsters!
Signing at the ONI Press booth.
BOOTH #1833