Friday, December 14, 2012

Masks and Mobsters 3 and 4!

Masks and Mobsters 3 and 4 are available on ComiXology!

I forgot to do a blog post about Masks and Mobsters 3 and 4, so here ya go.

So far the book continues to be a hit critically and in sales. Whenever a new issues launches, not only is it in the top 99 cent books, but the rest of the issues usually jump up as well. We even got nominated for an IGN best of 2012 award! (More on that later) Mike Henderson has been doing an amazing job on the book. I'm lucky to have another artist that I click so well with.

Thank you to everyone that has supported, retweeted, blogged, or took the time to review the book.
Every little bit helps

Click here to order ISSUE THREE
Click here to order ISSUE FOUR

Here is some info on both issues.

ISSUE THREE: Where were you the night Doctor Daylight died? Every Mask and Mobster in Golden City remembers that night. A single bullet and one dead superhero changed the city forever, and now via some after hours pillow talk we hear one Mobster's tale about that night and his crazy encounter with a Mask that proved to be deadly! The critically acclaimed series that CBR called "easily the best comic for quality/quantity/price available this week" continues!

 Here is a link to where you can order all four issues!
Also you can check out the awesome banner that Monkeybrain and ComiXology made for the book.

Don't forget that you can also send people issues as gifts! Just click on the little gift button on the side while on the ComiXology website.
ISSUE FOUR: The heroes have started to organize and attack the Mob's best joints! So the Mob has sent their best wise guy to the Mask's bullet proof man, The Tower, with an offer that the Tower can't refuse and it isn't money! Special Guest artist: Jason Copland! (Kill All Monsters!! Murder Book.)

Read Comic Books.Net gave Issue Three 10/10
There was an amazing write-up about the book on Bleeding Cool:
Issue Four got a 4/5 star review on CBR:

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