Monday, July 30, 2012

Masks and Mobsters is doing great!

Before I start I want to thank everyone for giving Masks and Mobsters a chance this last week. Because of everyone's support this has been easily one of my most successful launches ever. Not just in terms of critical acclaim but in sales.

In fact the first issue is on the Comixology top selling list right now and climbing. Frankly, it's pretty crazy to see it out selling power house's DC Comics digital books... even the Batman books.

CBR gave it 4 stars
Newsarama gave it 9 out of 10!

And that's just the beginning of all the amazing reviews that the book has gotten. I'm working to compile them all and place them here.It's been my dream for a long time to start writing more crime comics and now I finally get to. To anyone who reviewed Masks and Mobsters #1... Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to write up well thought out reviews and pieces talking about a story that I worked really hard on. I'm very thankful that people are enjoying it enough that they feel complied to write about it.

Mike Henderson and I are hard at work on the next segment... and I have a a few team of artists also working on future installments. Right now there is no dead set schedule, but we hope that eventually we can get it to you every month. In fact, maybe even more than that.

Don't forget if you want to get a copy they are available exclusively on Comixology. You can get it for just 99 cents. One of the best deals in comics. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR OWN COPY.

Monday, July 23, 2012


In case you didn't already know I am a bit obsessed with crime comics. Love em! But I haven't really had a chance to write them since I did OVERLOOK with Image back in 2009! Well now thanks to the beautiful internet I finally get to write one of my dream books! MASKS AND MOBSTERS! It's a crime anthology in a world where mobsters have to contend with heroes and villains. Each issue will stand alone, with a rotating team of artists and guess what... will only be 99 cents! 99... CENTS! If you've ever wanted to read one of my books, this is your chance! I'm really proud of this series and can't wait to share it with the world!

During the Golden Age there was a sudden influx of costumed heroes and villains… but how did that affect the politics and business of the Mob? How did the Crime families deal with heroes who couldn’t be paid off, or even worse… Villains who didn’t pay up? Masks and Mobsters is a noir crime anthology written by Joshua Williamson with a rotating team of artists to showcase the standalone stories set in the fictional Golden City where the mob has started to fight back against those who would try to steal their piece of the pie. AGES 15+ Here is some awesome preview art by the amazing Mike Henderson!

COMICOSITY has a preview of the book up on their site!
There is a movement in digital comics... and it's called Monkeybrain Comics. The brainchild of husband and wife tag team Chris Roberson and Alison Baker, Monkeybrain is a collection of digital first comics that will be exclusive to Comixology. CLICK HERE FOR THEIR WEBSITE! 

Owned and operated by Chris Roberson and Allison Baker since 2001, Monkeybrain Books was originally founded as an independent press specializing in science fiction & fantasy and nonfiction genre studies. Print titles from Monkeybrain Books are distributed to the book trade by National Book Network, and are available from wholesalers like Diamond Comic Distributors, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram, and from finer booksellers everywhere. In 2012, Monkeybrain launched a new creator-owned digital comics line, Monkeybrain Comics, which is distributed by comiXology.

A few things on note with this first issue of Masks and Mobsters. Bobby Silver and Doctor Daylight were designed by the terrific artist Scott Godlweski! Check out his Deviant art page! 
Also the cover design was done by the great Tim Daniel!

Overlook is to this day one of my favorite projects and books I'm most proud of! If you like Masks and Mobsters you should really check it out!

Here is an blog post about it!
And then this is where you can get it online!


One of the coolest projects I have had the honor of working on was the comic based off the award winning and record breaking video game franchise, UNCHARTED! This comic was my biggest comic project to date and it turned out to be a lot of fun. And now you can get it as a trade paper back collecting issue 1-6! One of the crazy things is that this was not available digitally, so this is now the only way to get your hands on these hard to find issues! CLICK HERE TO GET IT ON AMAZON! 

Written by: 
Joshua Williamson
Art by: 
Sergio Sandoval
Cover by: 
Adam Hughes
The critically acclaimed and best-selling PlayStation 3 video game jumps onto the comic page! A quest for the legendary "Amber Room" launches Nathan Drake on a journey to the center of the earth. As enemies from Sir Francis Drake's past come for revenge on his descendant, Drake must use all the skills at his disposal to stay one step ahead of the game!


Been a bit since I did a blog update that focuses on Voodoo. Since issue 11 is coming out this week I thought I should do a quick update on everyone's favorite alien sleeper agent. It's true that Voodoo is coming to a end in September. It was great and fun title to work on and I'm excited to share the ending with everyone!
Here is the cover to Voodoo #11 and a great preview spread to wet your appetite!

And now for the future...
• VOODOO and PRIS are ready for the fight of their lives…against each other!
• Is this the end for VOODOO?
This will be out on August 22nd.  

• The truth about Pris is revealed at last as she sets off on a mission for vengeance that can only end in genocide! Out in stores April 26th! 

Oh and guess what?! There will be two collections for the book!
The first volume will only have a few issues written by me, but the 2nd will have it all! Really excited to have both of these books out in the next year! And both are already available for pre-order on Amazon!

VOODOO Vol. 1: What Lies Beneath (The New 52)
 As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics - The New 52 event of September 2011, Priscilla Kitaen is Voodoo, a mysterious beauty whose origins and motivations are unknown, seemingly even to her. Regardless of whether she is a hero, villain (or both) Voodoo is on the run in the new DC Universe, trying to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, using all of her considerable skills to complete a mission that will put the entire Earth in danger. Will even her shapeshifting powers be enough to keep her pursuers, including Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, at bay? CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON!

VOODOO vol. 2: The Killer in Me (The New 52)
 Black Razor Agent Fallon has finally tracked down Voodoo and has her cornered! Now it's time for revenge. But Voodoo knows the truth of her own origins and will decide if she's going to be a hero - or a villain! Then, Pris is forced to confront exactly what she has become after being experimented on by the Daemonites. She's offered a deal by the Black Razors...but wherever way she turns, it's guaranteed more blood will be on her hands. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON!

That was a lot of Voodoo! ENJOY!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The XENOHOLICS trade paper back collecting issues 1-5! 
Written by me with great art by Seth Damoose and colors by Paul Little, Xenoholics was a weird and fun book to write that allowed me to cut loose with some funny ideas I had and to try out a few interesting storytelling techniques! And now you can get it all in one collection! 

The critically acclaimed series is collected in trade paperback! Are you addicted to aliens? Late night encounters? Abductions? Probes? Then become a member of Xenoholics Anonymous! Members of a support group that claim to be victims of alien abductions try to solve the mysterious disappearance of the Doctor who led their group, but find themselves involved in a larger conspiracy. X-files and Fire in the Sky meet Chew in this exploration of the xenoholic subculture.

People always ask me when we are going to continue the series and I honestly don't know. It's all based on sales, so if you want to see another Xenoholics mini series, buy this collection and then tell your friends!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Signing schedule! And Aliens! 
Yes, that’s right I will be at San Diego Comic-Con again this year. One thing that is really cool about this year is that there is a Dark Horse ALIENS give-a-way that I wrote. Here is the sweet cover!

From IGN!
If you're headed to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend and you're looking forward to SEGA's upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines video game, Dark Horse Comics is offering a free exclusive comic book tie-in of the same name. Written by Joshua Williamson with art by Patric Reynolds and a cover by Menton Matthews III, the comic is a short story about two marines fighting back a Xenomorph while trying to rescue a downed comrade. You can grab the free comic at Dark Horse's booth (#2615), where they'll also have some exclusive game footage on display. In the meantime, you can head to the game's official site for more information.

SCHEDULE! Here is my schedule for the con as well! This year is crazy packed with meetings, parties and work functions, so if you want to grab me the best chance is at one of these signings or panels. 
2012 has been a crazy great year so far wok wise and looks to continue that way!

3-4pm SIGNING (DCE Booth #1915)
8pm Kickstart panel

7-8 Monkeybrain panel

10AM Dark Horse Aliens signing
3-3:45 ONI

3-4:45 ONI 

Hopefully I see you there!