Thursday, September 23, 2010

A TRIO of awesome interviews! With ME!

Check it, people.

I did an interview with the awesome Sara Lima over at Comic Vine and then another with the great Shaun Manning with CBR. Also I did a very rad interview with Chris Arrant about Mirror, Mirror, that can not be missed!
Comic Vine:

And for people who actually look at my blog: a bit of teaser art!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One of the comics I'm most proud of is a mini series I did with Image called Overlook.
It was my love letter to gritty crime noir with great black and white art by Ale Aragon.
"In the town of OVERLOOK, a dirty prize-fighter by the name of Mickey "The Nickel" Nicholson will do anything for a buck. Mickey is hired by one of OVERLOOK's most notorious mobsters to infiltrate an underground boxing outfit and find a massive stash of stolen "rainy day" money and kill the wayward wife responsible. In return, a target of Mickey's choice will be assassinated by the mobster, no strings attached. It's the deal of the century, but like any deal in OVERLOOK, there's much more than you could ever bargain for."

Got great reviews but no real mass appeal.
My favorite review came from Josh Flanagan and iFanBoy when they listed it as an "Under the Radar Image Book."
Here it is (Special thanks to Josh Flanagan for finding the link):

The thing is... no one outside of reviewers read it. Sort of came and went.

But now there is a second chance! It's online with comixology!
It's on Comixology's website, on iphones and ipads!

Click here to go get it!

One of the things I'm most excited about is the ipad and the iphone.

Go give Overlook a second life! Let me know what you think of it.

Here is a preview of the first issue:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

My next graphic novel that will be out in stores is Mirror, Mirror from Kickstart Comics!

Mirror, Mirror is essentially National Treasure but with the Grimm Fairy Tales.
It's has art by the great Lee Moder with an awesome Darwyn Cooke cover.

"The Magic Mirror from the Snow White fairy tale was shattered and its pieces hidden across the globe, to be protected by a secret society known as the Huntsmen. Owen Grimm searches for the pieces before the mirror can be rebuilt and used for evil."

It'll be in comic shops, Wal Mart and other fine retailers starting in November for 14.99

The Diamond code is Sept10 1058. Pre-Order and tell your friends!

I'll be posting some preview pages soon!