Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Necessary Evil pages

Been a long time...

Here are a few new pages Drawn by Ariel Zucker-Brull that have never been released.
The bottom three pages drawn by co-creator Marcus L. Harris feature the Legion of Necessary Heroes... yes, this is a dream sequence. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Goonies I bring you...

How the Goonies movie made me think I was once stuck in an alternate reality!!!

Like most people my age The Goonies played a huge part of my childhood. As a Kid I watched it repeatedly until I knew the film like the back of my hand. I could even quote it word for word. The Goonies were like old buds of mine and I myself wished I was a one of the Goonies.

During the summer between my 5th and 6th grade years I visited and lived with my uncle in Montana. It was a summer that made many memories like beating Zelda: Link to the Past and watching Helter Skelter for the first time.

On my way back to California from Montana I had a layover at the Denver airport. This was my first time traveling alone, but for the most part I knew what I was doing. I had already travelled enough at this point in my life that going alone was no issue.

Although I thought I was independent, my parents didn’t. They arranged for a friend of the family to meet me at the Denver airport. The family friend didn’t show up, the family friend who was supposed to make sure I was okay and that I got to the airport safe was a no show. I tried to call my parents; I tried to call my uncle… anyone… but no one answered. I then tried calling the family friend and got the not assuring “doo doo doo, this number is no longer in service…”

At this point I knew was going it alone so I went to the counter and asked for help but they had no idea who I was. My flight had been canceled and the next flight wasn’t for 4 hours. I had to wait in the “young kids traveling alone” room… by myself.

They sat me in front of a television and handed me a VHS tape that looked just like the one from “The Ring.” It was plain black, no cover and a white sticker with a hand written “Goonies” on it. My first thought was “Perfect. No problem. I’d just sit and watch the Goonies.”

As I’m having a good time watching the Goonies we get toward the end… the part where the Goonies go down the big water slide and land in the water outside the pirate ship… (I really wish there was a Goonies amusement park.)

We all remember the Goonies land in the water and swim to the pirate ship without any trouble, right? RIGHT?!

So I’m sitting in this airport, by myself, at night, kind of lost and then one of the weirdest things in my young life happened…

A Giant Octopus attacked the Goonies.


As I have said, I knew the Goonies movie like the back of my hand. I watched more times than I could count. There was no giant Octopus, but now there was?!

So I sat there in this tiny room at the airport, kind of freaking out, when I came to the only logical conclusion possible…

I was in an alternate reality.

Like something out of a Stephan King novel something must have happened on the airplane sending me to a reality in which the Goonies had been attacked by a giant Octopus.

But what else was different…?

I walked out of the room and started to wander around the airport looking at things and trying to notice anything different but couldn’t find anything. Everything in the food court looked normal and nothing was out of the ordinary. Maybe I was just losing my mind. I went back to the kids room and rewound the tape to that scene and watched it again…sure enough, there it was…Goonies being attacked by a Giant Octopus.

Eventually I got on my flight home. I was a little freaked out thinking… “Would there be something different back home?” I told my parents about the movie but they didn’t understand. They just thought I must have forgotten about the scene, or that maybe I fell asleep at the airport and had a dream.

As soon as I got home I ran into the family room, put in my home copy of The Goonies, hit fast forward and waited for the scene. When I got there… just like I remembered NO Giant Octopus…

The next day I went and told my friends. No one believed me. They all thought I was making it up. My only shred of proof was that Data mentions the giant Octopus at the end to all the parents. You have to understand, this was all before the internet was easily accessible, and I wasn’t that hip on the backstage antics of Hollywood.

For a good while I believed I must have been in some parallel world like in Sliders…it couldn’t have been a dream. As I got older I knew it there had to be some reasonable explanation for it. I never met anyone that knew what I was talking about and this bugged me for YEARS!

While in college, years later, thanks to the beautiful internet I learned the truth.

It was just a deleted scene!!


Now how did the Denver airport have a copy with the Octopus scene intact? I really only have guesses…


From what I understand this version was shown on the Disney channel a few times and they must have taped it off of there. That has to be it. RIGHT??

Last summer my wife I went to the infamous beach from the movie and took a few pictures. These are the very same rocks that lined up with the gold doubloon.

I really hope that this year when they release the 25th anniversary Blu-ray that they include ALL the deleted scenes and an extensive modern commentary track. I want it all!!

To this day I can never go to the Denver airport without being reminded I once thought it was an alternate reality because of a Giant Octopus and the Goonies…