Tuesday, September 29, 2009

JLA 80 Page Giant Tomorrow!

The JLA 80 Page Giant ships tomorrow. September 30th.
My story features The Black Canary, Zatanna and the original Crimson Avenger.
Go and pick up a copy!

(W) Chuck Kim, Joshua Williamson, Rich Fogel, & Various
(A) Mahmud Asrar, Adrian Syaf, & Various

Reintroducing the classic, extra-sized issues for a whole new generation! When a battle between Epoch and the Time Commander spills over into our era, the Justice League finds itself scattered throughout time.
That leaves Superman and Dr. Light fighting alongside a tornado-powered Samurai, Green Lantern and Red Arrow locked in a showdown with Cinnamon in the Old West, Green Arrow and Firestorm facing the Bride of Frankenstein in WWII, John Stewart and Vixen drawing swords alongside the Shining Knight, and Black Canary and Zatanna evading gangsters with the original Crimson Avenger!

FC $5.99
Item Code: JUL090206

Monday, September 14, 2009

DCU Halloween Special

I've got a story in this DC Special that comes out October 21st 2009.
I'm one of the "others"... which is really funny to me.
My story is about Clark Kent and Lois Lane, which was awesome since they are two of my favorite DC characters.

Written by Joe Harris, Billy Tucci, Jake Black, Franco, Adam Schlagman, Mandy McMurray and others; Art by Rags Morales, Joe Prado and others; Cover by Gene Ha

Darkness falls across the land as the DC Universe faces its greatest horror in this Halloween special filled with all-new stories! Watch as Guy Gardner continues his quest to share Halloween with the cosmos and his fellow alien Green Lantern Corps members. In another tale, Red Robin finds the true, deadly meaning of the sinister holiday while overseas on his quest to find Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Bizarro receives neither trick nor treat in his own backwards celebration of the spookiest night of the year on his home world. Plus, 10 other ghoulish tales to fill you with fright this Halloween!