Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I warn you this blog is going to be boring and monotonous as nothing TOO special really happened. I might… might add pictures later. Maybe. Probably not.

Also I introduce you to my guest star for this blog… Jason Ho. He is Big Boss Comic’s acting editor or sorts ... kinda... not so much. He is a great, imaginative artist and funny guy. Here is a link to his blog. If you like drawings of 80s cartoon characters, this is the place to go.

I drove up to L.A. this last weekend to attend the 4th annual Wizard World Los Angeles Comic -Con. Not much to really say about the con itself except it was small.

I left my house on Wednesday night, headed over to Jason’s for what I thought was going to be a night filled with watching wrestling DVDs, but after one DVD we realized that the burned wrestling DVDs I had wouldn’t work on Jason’s player, so that meant Jason and I actually had to talk to each other. Jeez what I nightmare, I’m sure you all now know how much I hate talking to Jason. So after a long uncomfortable silence and stare fest; Jason and I went to pickup a little fake chicken… a.k.a. … K.F.C. We watched “ the greatest 50 moments in TNA history” DVD, which was interesting to watch with Jason considering that Jason really didn’t know that much about TNA, even though he liked to act like he did… the dork.

(Just to clarify something, Jason and I get along surprisingly well, and Jason is one of the few people who I can talk to for hours with the conversation never getting dull. I was joking before; I say this now just in case no one gets my sarcasm.)

The night ran long as Jason and I talked wrestling, comics, cartoons, our own careers, and a few other funny things that had us both laughing.

One thing about this weekend was that I learned how much I hate talking on my cell phone. Hate. Hate it. I felt like my right ear was bleeding and causing me to go deaf. My phone rang so many times that when the battery died it was like the clouds opened up and angels came down to take me away to heaven.

Thursday morning I woke up early and left for a meeting I had with a movie producer. I got a little lost on my way, but managed to make it in time. ( Thankfully I left for it two hours early.) It was an interesting meeting. One thing I noticed is that he had notes. Notes detailing what he thought of my projects. It was very interesting. Most of the producers I’ve meet don’t know how to read, but this guy actually read my pitches and had constructive comments about them. He really liked a few of my ideas and I handed him more copies of my comics. He wants to see a treatment of one of them, which is my goal/project for this week. Next I surprised Jamilyn at work, taking him and Damon for lunch. Bullshit-ed with them and listened to Damon’s idea for a movie.

On my way back going to Jason’s house I had the honor of sitting in L.A. traffic. It was a long time since I had sat in traffic like that; it was like greeting an old friend... an old friend that beat you up as a kid, stole your comic book money and rode off with your bike.

Friday was the beginning of the actual WWLA show. Parking was nice and easy, right under the convention hall. As soon as I walked in I was surprised to see how small the show had gotten. It had moved into a smaller hall and everything. For a comic book convention it was missing some of the main comic book companies. There was no DC, Dark Horse, ONI, or Image. I walked the floor within an hour and saw it all. I didn’t want to spend any money on the first day so there really wasn’t much to see after that. I wandered over to artist alley where I introduced myself to a few artists I had never met whose art I love. I’m not going to say which artists I met and/or whose art I liked because of two reasons, One; I don’t want anyone reading this to then look them up and pretend they liked those artists too all along when they never really did (trust me it happens), and two because I try to be mysterious like that.
I was able to shoot the shit with a few buddies I only see at Conventions and other kinds of nerd gatherings, which was great and a lot of fun.

Even through the floor was small I didn’t go to this convention to wander around amongst the nerds… no I was going to meet editors. One editor in particular. This editor was going to be at a panel that afternoon and after missing him in New York I had to see him this time around. (The reason I missed him in New York is a story I will tell in a future “NEW YORK COMIC-CON edition of this blog continuing the last NY blog).
I sat through the panel, listening to anal retentive question after question, and then once the panel was over I noticed the editor was leaving and no one was approaching him, so I jumped at the chance to introduce myself. He was cool and listened to me do my pathetic little speech about how much I want to write comics for him. He gave me his card and told me to send samples and email him before they arrived. He seemed cool and explained that sometimes it can take forever for the books to come out after they are finished…
Yeah for anyone who knows me you know I’m used to waiting on my comics coming out after I’ve written them… (You know who I’m pointing fingers at.)

After that I went to lunch with my buddy Dan where we talked a basic marvel vs. dc conversation. Back on the convention floor I was introduced to my new editor at Desperado/ATP. The old editor is now in charge of creative relations. The new guy is cool and is very excited to get started on the books. Our release dates are September and October. Hopefully?

That night Dan and I went over to the exclusive Wizard party. Which was a blast, but wasn’t really my idea of a party so after I took Dan back to his car I went to the indie party at Meltdown where I met up with mojo pimp master and Gentleman Zombie artist extraordinaire Jacob Glaser, who was already pretty wasted from the free beer flowing freely from a keg at the bar. The party had great highlights such as… the bathroom line… the great art on the walls… awesome music being mixed by Jim Mahfood himself… some guy trying to break dance and falling right on his face in front of a crowd of people… and the best of all... as the night got late… Jim Mahfood freestyling about tacos! You had to see it to believe it.

Zen eventually showed up after midnight so we bullshit outside as I sat on the Sunset strip concrete (because my feet where tired), while Zen showed me art from his comic and we talked about my con experiences that day. I gave Zen a copy of my rapid fire pitch list for him to read and give me feedback. (He read it a few nights later and texted me that he hated me because they were so good. I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or not. It reminds me of the time a Dark Horse editor said Gentleman Zombie reminded him too much of League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Is that a bad thing? To be compared to a work done by Alan Moore. There are worse comics to be compared to.)

Anyway. I made it back to Jason’s house and crashed out. Got some good sleep so I’d be ready for Saturday.

Saturday was overall uneventful. I walked around… bullshit with a few people, saw a few panels, and had a very long lunch with some friends talking about the future of Big Boss Comics. All good and fun times had by all. I was able to sit down and talk with a few people who I have been meaning to talk to about their plans for awhile. It was a pretty busy day, but unexciting all the same.
That night I went out to dinner with Jacob and a few other people. After dinner I did the unthinkable. I didn’t go out to a party or a bar. I just went back to Jason’s house. I think I’m over the whole con party thing. I understand that it’s good for my career, but I’d rather start going again once I have books out. Most times at those things I feel very fake and like I have nothing to say. I’d rather go back to Jason’s and talk comics, which is what I did. I’ve learned that brain storming my ideas with Jason makes my stories better. On thing that’s funny is that he went to school for writing while I went to school for art, and yet he is an artist and I’m a writer. Jason is also a writer but currently butters his bread with his art… you know what I mean. While talking with Jason I told him my plans for the next 4 NE story arcs where I realized a great and better ending to the next story arc, a breakthrough like that made my night.

Speaking of NE, there was one cool thing that did happen that day at the WWLA show. I found out that Necessary Evil has been changed from a four issue mini series to an ongoing series. Which to me is like a dream come true. That means they like it and believe in it enough that they think it can go on for awhile. During the meeting where I found this out, Jacob and I were able to ask a zillion questions about our future publishing deal, and I think we walked away satisfied and happy with all the answers we were given.

Sunday was a fast a simple day. I dragged Jason kicking and screaming to the convention. There was a DUB magazine convention next store, which made down town LA crazy. When we were driving up I noticed that the parking was 30-50 bucks… just to park your car! I didn’t know what the lines or the con were for at first, but saw all the cars and people and guessed Rim Convention. That was pretty sweet when I learned I was right. Does that make me a bad person…or a funny person.
After finding cheap parking 5 blocks away, Jason and I walked up and down every aisle in about 3 hours, picking up a few 50% off trades. I said my goodbyes to everyone, made one last walk of the floor, and got the hell out of dodge.

Then I did the one thing I wanted to do in LA all weekend. Something I had been waiting for weeks to do. I went to a little Philly cheese steak place near Jason’s house. They make great cheese steak. It was a perfect ending to an awesome weekend in L.A.

I made the long drive home listening to the radio and thinking about what I learned and did over the weekend. I got to where my girlfriend was house sitting and listened to her weekend’s adventures while watching Deal or no Deal.

That’s it... like I said, pretty boring.

Recommended Reading:
It’s good, go get it. There are 2 trades out. It’s like reading a really good HBO show. If you have a weak stomach or can’t stand the sight of bugs, even ones on the comic page, it might not be for you. But it’s a solid great read. It has art by Tony Moore from Walking Dead fame. You should just get it for that. I have read the first trade and have just stated the second one.

Wrestler of the Month:
Shooter Jackson.
Often described as a black Kurt Angle because of his intensity and athleticism, don’t let his whole over the top hip-hop persona fool you, this boy can wrestle. Shooter Jackson has been with CCW for about 5 or 6 years now. Argued as being the one man who deserves the Championship gold more than anyone else in the company who hasn’t already gotten it. His shoot style of wrestling (hence his name) originated from his career as an all-star all American amateur wrestler and football player. He was offered spots in the Olympic team and was considered a possible early draft pick in the NFL. But instead he followed a different dream and hit the indie wrestling circuit. Once getting into CCW Shooter was placed in a Tag Team with Over Munroe where he holds the record for longest tag champions in CCW history. His last great feud was with Ed “The Lone Star” Baker. Baker known as a classic wrestler and one of the greatest of all time put on a great series of shows with Shooter. Their promos against each other were classic. The ironic thing is that in the final blow off match of that feud, Shooter won by making Baker tap-out and yet two weeks later Baker won the CCW world title which he has held for over a year now. Shooter is stuck in a blood feud with his former tag team partner Over Munroe… again, but is expected to start a new storyline with “The better man” Mike Pierce at the next PPV. If you ever see Shooter live, and look past his stuck up self righteous attitude, you realize that he is an amazing athlete, one who has worked really hard to get where he is. He might get caught up in backstage politics every once in awhile, but when he is in the ring he is there to work and put on an amazing match for his fans.

(Shooter Jackson is TM. and copyrighted CCW and Kayfabe TV INC.)

My next blog will be about TV, DVD’s and Movies.

Also I’d like some suggestions on who my next MY TEAM blog should be about. I was going to do The Outsiders, but now I’m thinking of doing The Doom Patrol. If anyone has any better ideas... let me know.

Lates yo!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


Two weeks ago I went to New York City for a few days to go to a convention. Oh… conventions how I love and dread you.
It was a great trip. I had fun and learned a lot. For the next month I am going to go on a day by day description of what I did spread out over a few blogs. I’ll try to keep it short... or at least shorter then my last epic wrestling post.

But first I have to tell a funny story from before I left…
I was saying bye to my best bud Vinny on the world wide web.
He was wishing me a good trip when he said…
“Take a bite out of the big apple just like King Kong!”
I stopped for a second…got a little wide eyed… then said “Vinny! Why would you want me to get shot down from the Empire States building by a bunch of airplanes and then to fall to my death on 8th street?!”
He laughed and said “oh yeah…”

Just thought I would share that.

I woke up and ran a few errands including getting a haircut but I spent most of Thursday on an airplane, first one to Washington D.C. for a layover, then another to New York. Most people who have traveled with me, or have lived with me know that I am absolutely terrified of flying. Not like B.A. Baracus where I have to be drugged, but more like a small animal locked in a cage that just sits in the corner minding its own business yet shaking uncontrollably. Let’s just say that the flight attendants are lucky I don’t bite their hands when they give me my pretzels.
Also being on a airplane is like being in a Church of sorts for me as it is the only time you will see me recognize any higher power or deity and actually pray. Shit… there have been times in the past where I thought I was going to get arrested and I never actually prayed… just crossed my fingers. That’s how afraid of flying I am.

I watched Prestige on the plane, it was a good movie, but I figured the twist like 20 minutes in. Comic books have ruined any surprises for me for life.
I slept a little bit then found myself in New York a little after midnight East Coast time. I was at LaGuardia airport where I had to take a 30 dollar Escalade Taxi into the city. That’s right an Escalade Taxi, niatachs! I saw some of the sights on my way in. It was interesting. Like a cross between LA, Philly and Vegas. The taxi driver opened the sun roof so I could look up at the buildings as we drove. The New Yorker Hotel, the hotel I was staying at was 2 blocks from the Empire State building, and let me tell you that is one big fuckin’ building. The irony of us being so close to the site where Kong died, and Vinny’s little joke was not lost.
I learned what cold was when I stood outside my hotel for a second. It was freezing. I kept thinking it was going to snow, but nope, no snow, just really cold with some dirty ice on the ground. I was a little disappointed as I wanted to see it snow in New York, especially if I was going to deal with the cold.

I meet up with Dustin Nguyen, the artist of Wildcats, Authority, Batman, Manifest Eternity and a DC book I can’t say. He was letting me crash last minute in his hotel room… along with 3 other people. That meant there was going to be 5 people all staying in one room. One very tiny little room. The sleeping arrangements were … odd.
Here is a diagram:

Staying in the room with Me were Dustin, Joe Dodd (artist of Nightwing and Human Torch) Shannon (President of Friends of LuLu) and Derek (inker on Dustin’s stuff). It was a tight squeeze.

Take your pick when visualizing this and all future stories I tell involving Dustin Nguyen.
After I put my gear in the room. We meet up with a few guys (Talent Cadwell and Livsay) and went to a local Irish bar called Tir Na Nog. Here is a pic of the inside.

I had two beers, which was the least amount of beer I would have all weekend. Hanging out with a bunch of artists at a bar before a convention is kinda weird, because the main topic of conversation is how much money they think they are going to make selling original art or sketches. Something writers can’t do. The stuff the artists do is great and amazing pieces, but boy do I wish I could draw Batman’s head and charge 20 bucks for it.
We went back to the hotel where everyone attempted to sleep. Of course this was like a elementary school sleepover and none of us would shut up, we just kept making jokes at each other and laughing. Oh and by the way… I had to sleep next to a burning hot heater… that was running full steam... all night because it was so cold outside. I hope you are taking notes as that all comes back into importance again in a later blog. Sleep was uneasy but I did get it. Still, the morning came too fast. Remember what I think is 6 am is really 9 am on the east coast, which meant I had to wake up early as hell every day to make it on time to things. In my little bits of constantly interrupted sleep I dreamed of comics, toys and free shit. Dazing in my dreamscape I like to call my fantasy career in comics… before I could even begin to enjoy it… my alarm went off… and Friday began.

I’ll do the rest of the con when I f'n feel like it. I know... you can't wait. (and no... the f'n doesn't stand for friendly neighborhood.)

Recommended reading this week:

Published by Marvel.
Marvel’s old school “What if?” book for a new audience.
I recently sat down and re-read the entire Exiles run and can honestly say that it is one of the better new concepts to come around from Marvel. The fact that it is closing in on 100 issues is remarkable. That is no small feat for book that doesn’t star any Marvel mainstays, and spun out of a mini series starring an X-men member that only appeared in 2 X-men stories before. (Those two being The Phalanx Convent and Age of Apocalypse.)
The best part of this book is the ever changing cast of characters and seeing the different versions of the Marvel universe. I have to say this book is high on my list right now since it currently contains one of my favorite characters of all time… Miguel O’Hare…Spider-man 2099! The character from the early 90s whose first appearance was in the 30th anniversary holofoil covered Spiderman books was the comic I looked forward to most every month. I even had a subscription to guarantee that I got a copy. No joke. Originally written by Peter David, in a true sci-fi world this book was fricken awesome, but once Peter David left the writing chores, I always felt that the story went in a weird direction. (In a series of mediocre mini series and prestige format specials, Spidey took the remaining earth survivors, from a planet-wide catastrophe, off into space where he eventually became Thor…I don’t know…) The Spidey 2099 in this book is fresh with his new, just gotten, powers and still with a jaded sarcastic attitude, taken up from his reality when his book was in its early teens… almost 50 issues before it ended. Seeing him on this team of Exiles is like a dream come true for me, so I hope this book goes on for a long time. The issues are great, full of drama and action and even though the realities weren’t the current ones we know, the writers made me care anyway. By the way the writers on this book were and are: Judd Winick, Tony Bedard, and currently Chris Clairemont, who is only 2 issues deep into his run. I have to admit that Chuck Austin did do about 6 issues, 1 trade worth. Those issues DID push the story along… but… you know what Thumper's mom always said “ If you have nothing good to say, you are better saying nothing at all”… that’s all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump voice). The artists went from Mike McKone to Jim Calafiore, to Clayton Henry (who I ran into in the hotel room lobby at the New York con trying to get away from the cold outside and a cold he was coming down with. Nice guy) to Kev Walker, to Mizuki Sakakibara, to round it off with the fresh escapee from Crossgen… Paul Pelletier. All great artists who added something to each new world and story. Almost every issue is in trade and in print. I recommended giving it a try. Writing this whole thing up made me realize how much I want to do a post dedicated to the 2099 books.

My Stuff:
Going Good? Still working on a few scripts. Issue 6 of NE is turning out awesome as I think I just hit a new creative level. Next week is the Wizard World LA show. We'll see how that turns out. Hopefully I come back with good news.

Till next time… Stay tuned True believers!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

McMahon and Me.

And yes, before you ask... that is a real picture of me and Vince McMahon... not the worst photshop job you've ever seen.... geez.

That wrestling blog I promised... yes, yes... four weeks ago.

Sigh… how can you love and hate something so much?! It’s like battered wife syndrome, pro-wrestling beats me up, gives me a black eye, tells me it loves me, that it will never happen again... and I believe it every single time. It’s sad. Truly sad!

Someday I will go into my personal history with the world of pro-wrestling, which was my original plan for this post but it started to run long. It covered just about everything, from being a kid watching Saturday Morning Superstars, my “ wrestling is stupid” period, why Comic Con 99 brought me back, watching Raw in the girls dorms at Brooks, the infamous LBHC, and of course… RVD. I’ll get it together eventually. I’m not going to do too many pictures with this one... takes up too much time.

Today, I’m going to write about what I think of the current situation in Pro wrestling. I’ll try to be brief… but I can be long winded and MIGHT go on a mindless, rambling rant…

Heel Monday 2007:
Whatever happens after this year’s Wrestlemania all ask is for one thing… Heel Champions. I went to Wrestlemania 2005, at the time I didn’t realize it was the beginning of the WWE becoming a face company. By that I mean that the good guys always win. Shit, there are no real bad guys to scare them or pose a threat anymore. It’s like this… almost every movie you’ve ever seen has this in common… the good guy is chasing the bad guy. Once the good guy catches the bad guy the movie is over. Well the movie called WWE has been over for about 2 years… it’s just trapped in a really long epilogue. I’m hoping that the Monday after Wrestlemania is a Heel Monday and the beginning of a new WWE movie.

The first match of 2007 was John Cena vs. Kevin Federline… and Kevin Federline won. K-fucking-FED beat the WWE champion! If that isn’t a sign of bad things to come for 2007, I don’t know what is.
However, even though it drives me crazy, its the one wrestling show I never miss. It has the biggest opportunity to be the best. It SHOULD be the best, leading the industry and setting the example of everyone else to follow. And yet it isn’t. Why? It just feels so all over the place. So frustrating. Cena as champ is a big part of the problem. Man, having a fake Donald Trump fight a fake Rosie O’Donnell is a huge part of the problem. I mean… what the fuck was that? Did you know the crowd started chanting for TNA? Shit man that is some bad news bears yo! What if a fan didn’t know what TNA was? Vince is lucky that probably everyone was like me and fast forwarded through that shit, or turned it off, so they never heard the TNA chants. HHH is injured so I think that part of why they are a little lost with the story line. If I could make any request of this show, it would be to get the championship belts on the right people, and to build up those belts divsions. They have enough guys to have a strong run for all the titles. Why are Cena and HBK tag team champs, or Umaga the intercontinetal champ? So the belts can go no where?
It seems like we get about 1 good match a month on Raw... funny enough they always invole Edge. hmmmm?

WWE Smackdown:
I used to not be able to stand this show, but lately its been on the raise in my opinion. Always looked at as the b show, it has the storylines that make the most sense. I feel that it flies under the radar a little bit so it can get away with a few more things storyline wise. I think the heels on this show are great heels. MVP and Kennedy are in perfect form. A few weeks back there was a match between Finlay and Benoit that was fricken great.

And of course there is the Undertaker.

The red-headed step child of the WWE. If the fans of the WWE are the beaten and abused spouse…. The new ECW is the adopted kid that is locked in the basement, only let out at night and is beaten with yellow pages repeatedly until it gives up it soul. Then they dress it up in new clothes, make it dance around the house for everyone to laugh at and then is put back in the basement just to repeat the same pattern the next day. So yeah... it's brutal. I feel bad for it man. There a few guys in there that deserve better. I hate that it has become a vehicle for Bobby Lashley. Who is a big man, yes, but can’t put on a good match to save his life. No one should ever give this guy a mike. Remember in Suburban commando when we finally heard Mark Calloway… (I’m not saying Undertaker, because that wasn’t the Undertaker… anyway...) when he finally talked and his voice was like Mickey Mouse’s and Hogan says “ No wonder you guys never talked”… ya remember that? Well that’s how I feel about Bobby Lashley. He should never talk. Ever. Then he needs to be put in a few matches with some real pros… guys that can make a newbie into a star. ECW... I’m sorry this is not the place for this right now. It’s not the place to make a big man a star…
Look...If you like Bobby Lashley... go buy I fucking happy meal... I hear little kids like those too.
Honestly I don’t know what this new ECW is supposed to be other than a joke. It needs to end.
That being said I think there are few diamonds in that rough that could make it out alive and become real stars.

I hope for the best and plan for the worst when it comes to TNA.
I like watching it, but man is it going down the tubes. This last pay per view every single match was a gimmick match. Whatever happened to good old one and one, you vs. me... fighting. There are a lot of guys over there that are good... real good… and they don’t need some bullshit to help sell it. It used to have such great matches. It is slowly becoming WCW: the later years.

So new that I couldn't even find a logo for it. ( before any of you decide to waste your time looking for it... I warn you.. I didn't really try.)
This is what LBHC would have been if we kept it going. They need to cut down on the explosions, but really thats my only complaint, it’s so good I wish I came up with it. The other day I was watching Raw and realized the last twenties minutes of the show were just the entrances for the guys in the main event. In WSX they put 3 matches in those twenty minutes, that’s crazy talk! Dude a few weeks back X-pac came out to the ring smoking a cigarette... now that boy and girls... that’s my kind of show! Let’s all hope MTV orders another season and makes it kind of a live show. Like day of… I’d even settle for monthly tapings.
UPDATE: Too late... it’s been cancelled. Too Bad. So Sad.

I won’t be watching it... again… just like last year I’ll be in Seattle. I’ll do my predictions for it before I leave. Won’t be hard, I can even guess right now… Batista and Cena will win. Take that.

Wrestler of the month:

EDGE: Why? He carries Raw, and is the best heel in the business. He should be in the main event at Wrestlemania next year. Every match he is in is the shit! Of all the younger guys in the title scene, he deserves that belt around his waist the most! If you havent seen them, you need to see his street fight with HBK from back in Jan. and his MIB match with RVD from last week.

Random guys!
Here are some wrestlers that when they are on the boob tube I stop and pay attention. Not to say these guys are the future or that they are the best, just that I set my laptop down long enough to watch their matches.
Johnny Nitro, Ken Kennedy, CM Punk, A.J. Styles, L.A.X. Cade and Murdock, Christian, Randy Orton. Austin Star, Eric Young, Alex Shelly.
Someday I will do a write up on all these guys...

Since I started this particular blog, a lot has changed in the WWE. I even went and saw Smackdown and ECW live last week. The main reason I went was to see RVD wrestle in what might be the last chance I had to watch Rob wrestle live in the WWE. When we got there the box office had lost our tickets. We had to have a WWE official and RVD's wife, Sonya,come and get us. We had great seats and had a fun time even though we missed Rob's match against Kevin Thorne. One of the best things was listening to my girlfriends insightfull commentary.

Funny things my girlfriend said while watching the show.
Batista: This guy talks too much.
Kali: God damn that guy is big! Look at the size of his hands. His hand is bigger than Kane’s head and Kane’s head is fuckin’ huge!
Michael Cole: Who’s this tool?
CM Punk vs. Nitro in a money in the bank match: That wasn’t bad.
Kelly Kelly and the extreme expose: These girls can’t dance. That’s really bad. What the hell?
Ken Kennedy: I guesssss…
Bobby Lashley: boring!
Little bastard vs. Little boogie man or as I call him... lil’ boo: Ohh how sad…
Chavo vs. Scotty to Hotty: This is boring. And Scotty aint too hotty.
King Booker: Why is he a king?
Rey Mysterio Jr. makes his big return: Wow, there are a lot of Mexicans here.
Umaga: Holy shit.
Undertaker: That was it? That was the end of the show?

So that's it for wrestling. 3 pages of me bitching. Next time I'll do a shorter one. I hope.

Recommended Reading:

Escapists by Brain K Vaughn published by Dark Horse.
I'm going to steal a quote from AICN: "This is BKV's love letter to independant comics." One of the only books to really pull at my heart strings. Get it in issues or trade, but just get it. If you think you are creative and you dont enjoy this book... well.. that might call a few things into question in my eyes.

Blogs to look forward to in the coming... whenever I do them:
My trip to New York.
My Team 2: The Outsiders.
DVD's niatchs... and other stuff I like to watch.
Guilty pleasures!
And an interesting look at comics. Who or what comics? That's the interesting part.

Till next time... (Rick Flair voice)