Monday, July 23, 2012


One of the coolest projects I have had the honor of working on was the comic based off the award winning and record breaking video game franchise, UNCHARTED! This comic was my biggest comic project to date and it turned out to be a lot of fun. And now you can get it as a trade paper back collecting issue 1-6! One of the crazy things is that this was not available digitally, so this is now the only way to get your hands on these hard to find issues! CLICK HERE TO GET IT ON AMAZON! 

Written by: 
Joshua Williamson
Art by: 
Sergio Sandoval
Cover by: 
Adam Hughes
The critically acclaimed and best-selling PlayStation 3 video game jumps onto the comic page! A quest for the legendary "Amber Room" launches Nathan Drake on a journey to the center of the earth. As enemies from Sir Francis Drake's past come for revenge on his descendant, Drake must use all the skills at his disposal to stay one step ahead of the game!

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Madz said...

I left a comment before and it vanished! :( Oh well, here goes again...

I bought the Uncharted graphic novel just a few days ago and it's my favourite DC comic! I hope to God DC ask you to make more. Your story reminded me of the days when adventure movies had exciting plots and derring-do rather than relying on stock CG FX. I also like that you went with Chloe as the main gal (and ignored Elena completely). I think most - if not all - of the fans feel the same.

Congratz on your sucess, and here's hoping Uncharted comics will become a regular publication. :D