Monday, October 18, 2010

Superman and Batman haunt me at the grocery store!

As soon as I walked into my grocery store this is what I saw...

It's like they know me and are targeting me now. I know that Hostess has DC Superheroes on their boxes isn't news, but c'mon... right as I walk in?! It actually blocks my path to get into the store.


Russell M Duckett said...

How can a fan get you to write the Damian Wayne Robin series? This issue was freaking awesome! Only you and Grant Morrison understand him! Great Issue!

Russell M Duckett said...

Ale Garza is fantastic! Much props on the issue man.

Joshua Williamson said...

Hey Russell!

I'd LOVE to write a new Robin series!

It's up to DC though. :)

Hopefully they dug the issue as much as you did.