Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reviews and stuff for Superman/Batman 77

So I thought... instead of overloading my twitter and facebook feed with a ton of Superman/Batman #77 reviews, I'd just collect them all right here. It's an interesting batch of fan art, pod casts, pro and fan reviews.
Good stuff, and I'm very thankfully that so many people are talking about the issue.
I'm sure I left out a few reviews here but for the most part I think I caught them all. I was just thankful that I was able to find any at all, since every time I tried to google all I found where crappy illegal downloads.
If you see one that I'm missing, feel free to send it my way. Go ahead and help me indulge my neurotic search for approval. :)

Let's get this party started:
Fan art of Damian in his Li'l Matches disguise
The great Comic Vine has a slew of awesome fan and user reviews on their site:
iFanboy gave it some love with user reviews, podcasts and "best Panels of the week." 
Newsarama's Best Shots gave it a quick but great review:
The Buy Pile on CBR gave it an "Honorable mention" which was surprising since he is usually so harsh.
More Reviews:
The title of this next one is "Put Josh Williamson on a monthly book." Gotta love it. 

An awesome thread on the DC Message boards titled:
"Superman/Batman 77 was the greatest comic to come out this week" 
Podcasts that talked about it:
Here it was the Fast Five picks:

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Mark W said...

You did a great job Josh. I did one of the reviews and I really thought it was a fun issue. One of the best I've seen from the Superman/Batman series.