Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Short Attention span?

The other night my lovely girlfriend and I were joking around about how my blog is called Short Attention Span Theater and yet you’d have to have a god like attention span to read, understand and process my long ass epic blog entries. So for this blog I’m going to be doing something a bit different. Today I’m going to cover as much ground as usual, talking about a ton of interests, yet... only using one sentence each. ( I might cheat a bit but who cares?)
Sound like fun? Might take away some of the beauty of the blog, or it might…maybe… might just be a blessing in disguise.

Let’s get this show on the roll sucka!

I got that Blockbuster Netflix deal, so to make it worth the money I’ve been flying through movies as fast as I can. Here is what I have watched recently.

The Break-up: Don’t watch this with anyone you are dating.
Taxi Driver: Always good, but I’d forgotten how quick the movie gets to the ending.
Stranger than Fiction: Surprisingly really good, one of the better movies I’ve seen this year.
The Departed: Great, not his best movie but Scorsese did a great job with this remake.
Raging Bull: You really have to be in the right mood to watch this movie.
Borat: I covered my face through half this movie, I can’t believe he got away with so much.
Slither: Awesome and really fun to watch if you don’t mind things that slither about.
Hard Candy: Dark, twisted and interesting.
Stay Alive: Bad Director, BAD, no more making or writing movies for you.
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny: Funny, but just kinda there.
Children of Men: Absolutely amazing, the best movie out on this list.
Disturbia: Good enough to see again, but it’s just a movie, not much more to say.

TV shows (TV and DVD):
Supernatural: Love isn’t a strong enough word for this show, I highly recommend it.
Veronica Mars: Please, give me my fourth season CW, or suffer my… nothing…
The Office: One of the best and funniest shows EVER… especially since I know a few people who remind me of the characters.
Lost: Feels like it’s finally starting to go somewhere… thank you Brain K Vaughn.
Venture Bros.: Super cool, just bought the 2nd season on DVD.
Drive: Haven’t watched a full episode yet, might wait for DVD, but every minute I catch it looks great.
Superman and the Legion of Superheroes: Such a perfect adaptation of the comics its hard to believe its real.
Dexter: Can't take your eyes off this haunting and intellegent show.
Ninja Warrior: Addictively rad.

WWE RAW: Still disappointed, if Cena is champ for much longer I'm going hit someone.
TNA: If I ever won the lottery big, I know what one of the first things I would buy would be.
Smackdown: Fun to watch, getting better, but still the B show.
ECW: Still a huge mess, starting to show signs of life, but just barely.

(Longer than one sentence side-note: I recently sat down and watched something like 36 straight hours of wrestling with my good friend Mad Dog Dan Morrow. Ranging from WCW in 91, every Raw in fast-foward from Summerslam 97 to Royal Rumble 98, some parts of 2001 and just a bunch of random wrestling from all across the spectrum and it really proved my worst suspicions that the current state of wrestling is at an all-time creative and business low. It’s just a sad mess of “makes-no-sense” tactics. You may now return to your regularly scheduled blog.)

Wrestler of the month: CCW's own, The Gambler Jimmy Vegas, Mr. Vegas Odds, Aces high, the paycheck plllaaayyaa!!!!

Wasteland from ONI: A great book, I just got the first trade.
52 WW3: Not really a World War but still an interesting read.
World War Hulk: Can’t wait!
Uncanny X-men: Best monthly X-men in years.
JLA/ JSA crossover: I’m really curious which Legionnaires are lost in time and why.

MY STUFF… yay?
Loven my older stuff and really looking forward to my newer stuff.
NE: This next story arch is shaping up great.
GZ and LR: Just waiting on pages.
EU: Such a huge endeavor, its going to take some time and lots of energy.
New stuff: Surprises are a foot or so I hope.
MOVIES and TV scripts: Coming together nicely.

Recommended reading:
The Loners by Marvel: Fun and a perfect choice for a spin off of Runaways.

This blog was much easier and faster to write than any other for obvious reasons. Not sure if I will do another like this, it wasn't as much fun. However placing limitation on one self can be a learning experiance. What do you think?

I wish I had the time to do this more often, but I don’t, I just have so many things going on that it feels like every minute of every day is taken... My only escape has been watching a lot of movies. My time is not my own but being busy is a good thing. I’d rather be busy then not really remember what I did with my time.

Till next time... GET TO WORK!