Thursday, February 1, 2007


For my inaugural post, I thought I would post up some stuff I’m enjoying and or thinking about this week.
Avatar The last Airbender.

Ok, I know it’s for kids, but if you are not watching this amazing well written cartoon, you are missing out, fool! I can not give this show enough praise. It’s so good it’s inspiring. Any little kids that watch this, and become creators and story-tellers when they grow up, will be awesome. This show will generate our next generation of talented writers.
Hell, if I had kids I would buy them the toys just so I could play with them.
I’m almost done watching Season Two, which so far has just been blowing my mind. I have the first season on DVD, which is available here at Amazon. All of Season 1 and 2 are on itunes. Watch it!

Last week Jason Ho and I were talking about older cartoons, nothing new there, but we started talking about King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

Such a cool show. Does anyone else have fond memories of the Knights of Justice?

This week I went to my local comic book store and bought a few comics and put the rest on hold. 2 comics that I bought and really enjoyed were…
Annihilation #6:

Marvels big cosmic, epic space war/ adventure book. I loved it. It was a fulfilling ending to a year long story that hit all its marks. Kieth Giffen knocked this outta the park! Honestly this book has been so good that I really can’t say too much about it without saying something bad about some other comics. I recommend getting this when it comes out in trade or here in Hardcover. After this series, one of my favorite Marvel characters, NOVA, got a huge power upgrade. Now I want to see a Nova vs. Sentry fight, dammit.
Scarface 2:

I wasn’t a fan of the Scarface movie first time I saw it. I was like “this is it; this is what all the hype is about?” But over time it grew on me, thanks to it playing on cable all the time. This comic by John” The mighty" Layman and David “not Jim Mahfod” Crossland is awesome fun. With great art and story, every page will keep ya smiling and feeling that you have no idea what is going to happen next, something very rare in comics nowadays. And yes I stole all these images off of John's blog.... what? I dont have the time to actually look for this stuff...go to John Layman's The mightlylayman blog when you get the chance. After you finish reading my blog!

Now for my stuff:
Necessary Evil 5: I love this issue, but there are three pages towards the end that are big time word-ie. I have to clean ‘em up. Other than that, so far this is an pretty good first issue to the books sophomore story arc.

For those of you who have never read the first issue can read it here.

Gentleman Zombie 4: It’s all done, just need to give it that one final read.
Lost Rites: This book is almost done, I need to learn when done is done.
Superhero stuff for the big leagues: I have a couple of scripts and pitches I’m working on. Scripts: practice and for fun. I’m even gonna write an X-men script for the fuck of it. Pitches: Practice and to actually… try… pitching… something I suck at. More on this later.

My recommended reading for the week: Anything Jack Kirby. And for you fellow creators out there always remember “WWJKD”. It will solve all your problems.

Well that’s it for now.
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J.Ho said...

YEAH MAN, blog it up!

J.Ho said...

post script: that "what would jack do?" trick saved me last weekend!

Danielle said...

WWJKD? What would Jesus the kid do - instead of baby Jesus the best and favorite Jesus? I'm confused.